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Marathon Training For Beginners

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Marathon Training for Beginners, A Guide on Completing Your First Marathon and Training Plan

Have you ever wanted to complete a marathon? This guide will help you to achieve those dreams Many runners dream about completing a marathon. Its the pinnacle of any runners ambition to run those 42.195km. Many runners never realize those dreams but with this guide you can give yourself a fighting chance of running's ultimate endurance test. Even if you don't want to complete a marathon this book is packed full of handy hints and tips to take your running to another level. Running is inclusive and affordable. Of all the sporting challenges running a marathon is the most attainable to the average person at home. People from all walks of life complete marathons every year. This said its still an exclusive club to join when a marathon is actually completed due to the mental and physical demands placed on oneself in order to finish the race. This is where this book comes in. Give yourself the best chance of success and get this guide now!

Here's A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

  • What is a Marathon
  • Selecting The Right Kit
  • Essential Information To Get You Started
  • Correct Nutrition and Hydration
  • Marathon Training Plans
  • Mental Preparation
  • Staying Motivated
  • Race Day Preparation
  • And Much More!
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26.2 - A Marathon Of Christian Devotions

RRP $56.99

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I am a runner. I am a Christian

26.2 is a familiar number for virtually every runner. And whether you're a seasoned marathoner or you hope to run a marathon someday, you will enjoy 26.2 - A Marathon of Christian Devotions. Author Chris Meikel shares his love for running and for God's word through a series of just over twenty-six devotionals. They include stories of runners, as well as his own personal experiences and adventures, which span more than forty years. You'll see the parallels he draws between your walk with Christ and your daily training. He points out how the simplicity of God's word can help us to deal with the complexities of life. And just as running has brought change to your physical body, a Spirit-filled life can bring about great change in you now and for eternity.

Olympic Marathon

RRP $293.99

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This is the first complete history of the Games' most storied race. From ancient Greece to Atlanta 1996, the book chronicles the race's development-the heroes, the controversies, and the stories that emerged from the ultimate Olympic challenge. For the first time, the complete history of the most famous race in the Olympic Games has been presented in Olympic Marathon-A Centennial History of the Games' Most Storied Race. Beginning with the legends of ancient Greece, this book traces the process of reviving the Olympic movement, including the establishment of the marathon-the only event specifically created for the 1896 Olympics. Following heroes such as Dorando Pietri, Emil Zatopek, Abebe Bikila, and Frank Shorter, the book includes a complete analysis of every Olympic marathon as well as tales from the lives of the runners. The stories of John Hayes, who won the race with the help of strychnine; 1936 winner Sohn Kee Chung, a South Korean forced to compete for Japan; and Mamo Wolde, who won the marathon with an infected toe only to end up as a political prisoner in Ethiopia, make this book much more than a sports history. The story of the long struggle to establish a women's marathon begins with a lonely female who ran the marathon course in 1896 and ends with the dramatic victory of American Joan Benoit in the first women's Olympic marathon in 1984. Completely up to date, the book concludes with chapters on the races in Atlanta in 1996, including the closest finish in Olympic marathon history. An appendix, photographs, and an index complete this history. An invaluable resource for all interested in the Olympics and marathon running.


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