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Running,Running for Beginners: A comprehensive guide on how to get started on the road to a fitter you!

Everything you will need to know about starting to run for health and fitness is here in this handy beginners guideAre you thinking about getting out and pounding the pavements in order to get fit? Do you have the inclination to start running but don't know where to start?Then this book could be for you!Taking those first steps are often the hardest and many people simply give up without truly getting to grips with the does and don'ts of running.Running isn't difficult and it can be a very rewarding pastime. All you will need are some basic clothing and a decent set of footwear and you are ready to go. You will be surprised of the results with just a short jog around the block a couple of times a week!Get this guide now and you will be equipped with everything you will need to know to get startedArmed with this book and the steps contained inside you will be giving yourself the very best chance of success and what could be the start of a healthy, fitter, and more rewarding life.Whatever the initial motivation, running is a fun and rewarding pursuitSo what are you waiting for, get this guide and join the thousands who have already got their running shoes on and are running to a better and fitter life!

Here's A Preview Of What's Inside..

  • The Benefits of Running
  • What You Need to Get Started
  • Nutrition and Hydration
  • Short or Long Distance Running Tips
  • Preparing and Warming Up
  • Tips on Staying Safe and Injury Free
  • Staying Motivated
  • Essential Equipment
  • And Much More!
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Running The Numbers

RRP $397.99

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Through use of practical examples and a plainspoken narrative style that minimises the use of maths, this book demystifies data concepts, sources, and methods for public service professionals interested in understanding economic and social issues at the regional level. By blending elements of a general interest book, a textbook, and a reference book, it equips civic leaders, public administrators, urban planners, nonprofit executives, philanthropists, journalists, and graduate students in various public affairs disciplines to wield social and economic data for the benefit of their communities. While numerous books about quantitative research exist, few focus specifically on the public sector. Running the Numbers, in contrast, explores a wide array of topics of regional importance, including economic output, demographics, business structure, labour markets, and income, among many others. To that end, the book stresses practical applications, minimises the use of maths, and employs extended, chapter-length examples that demonstrate how analytical tools can illuminate the social and economic workings of actual American regions.

Running Like A Girl

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Funny and honest, this is the story of how an ordinary, curvy woman ended up running five marathons.

Alexandra Heminsley had high hopes: the arse of an athlete, the waist of a supermodel, the speed of a gazelle. Defeated by gyms and bored of yoga, she decided to run.

Her first attempt did not end well.

Six years later, she has run five marathons in two continents.

But, as her dad says, you run with your head as much as with your legs. So, while this is a book about running, it's not just about running.

You could say it's about ambition (yes, getting out of bed on a rainy Sunday morning counts), relationships (including talking to the intimidating staff in the trainer shop), as well as your body (your boobs don't have to wobble when you run). But it's also about realising that you can do more than you ever thought possible.

Very funny, very honest and very emotional, whether you're in serious training or thinking about running for the bus, this is a book for anyone who after wine and crisps for supper a few too many times thinks they might . . . just might . . . like to run like a girl.

About the Author

Alexandra Heminsley is a journalist, broadcaster and ghostwriter. She lives in Brighton.


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